SuperPro 7500

SuperPro 7500

Advanced Universal LAN Programmer

  • Powerful new algorithm to program up to 4 chips simultaneously
  • Supports Intel LR1 and LR2 eMMC modules (up to 64 GB)
  • Customized 4-socket gang adapter + programming algorithm (optional)
  • Operates in stand-alone (no PC required), PC hosted and LAN (Local Area Network) mode

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High Speed 4 Gang Stand-Alone Universal Device Programmer

Meet the NEW STANDARD in the universal programming industry. The ultra powerful system engine allows to program either single or 4 chips simultaneously with equal ease. Convert the universal programmer into a 4 gang programmer just by inserting a 4-socket adapter. No need to buy an expensive gang programmer anymore and save thousands.

Advantages of SuperPro 7500

Ultra Fast Programming Speed SuperPro 7500 programmers employ a very high speed MCU chip producing not only reliable programming algorithms, but also increasing programming speed. Utilization of ARM11 32bit MCU combined with an internal Linux operating system makes them the most advanced and versatile programmers in the industry. Superpro 7500 offers 30% higher programming speed and 8-10 times faster programming speed for eMMC devices as compared to Superpro 6100.
Customized 4 Gang Adapters SuperPro 7500 can be used to program up to 4 chips at a time. Many EEPROM / Flash / MCU / eMMC chips are also supported in 2-Gang or 4-Gang mode to increase throughput by nearly four times!
LAN Mode Most production programming applications need the programmer to be operated remotely. On SuperPro 7500, remote controlling can be achieved using the LAN port. Using the LAN port, programmers can be connected to a local network and can be remotely controlled via any computer on the network. In this case, the PC which controls the SuperPro 7500 acts as a server and SuperPro 7500 acts as a client.
Built-in 144 Pin Driver Most universal IC programmers are designed with 48 pin driver or less. Programmers with a 48 pin driver design need special adapters (pin mapping) to accommodate devices with more than 48 pins. Bottom boards needed for pin mapping can quickly increase production costs just to support one package type. SuperPro 7500 is equipped with a built-in universal 144 pin driver to accommodate large pin count devices. One universal adapter accommodates all devices with the same package type.
Stand-Alone Mode Unlike many other universal programmers in the industry, SuperPro 7500 is capable of operating in stand-alone mode. Under stand-alone mode, SuperPro 7500 can be operated by an inexperienced operator with minimal training. Once the project file is selected, the operator only has to insert a blank chip and remove the programmed chip upon beeping. This ensures a minimal chance that an operator will make a mistake. Users can also use clusters of stand-alone programmers to achieve high volume production. Last but not the least, stand-alone mode saves both the cost of PC and labor of the trained and qualified operator.
Technical Support Xeltek is proud to offer same day support for technical and sales inquiries. We are available to help customers and representatives resolve issues or help with their requests in an effective way. This service is provided by our highly qualified new support team that will provide the best of their knowledge to bring prompt sales and technical support.

Advanced Software Features

SuperPro 7500 comes with a powerful and easy to use programming software. The biggest advantage is its simplicity so that any operator can operate the programmer with little or no training. SuperPro 7500 software is supported on Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10.

Project Files The project file stores preparations before programming. Users could also restore and save work environment. The project file includes device type, buffer data, operation option settings, configuration bit settings and batch commands. Project files may be password protected to increase security and reliability when operated by untrained operators.
Auto Function The Auto function organizes different functions into a sequential group (erase, blank check, program, verify and protect). Functions are executed in sequential order similar to a batch command.
Production Mode Once a chip is inserted correctly, the programmer automatically starts batch command of erase, blank check, program and verify. Auto chip detection saves time and increases efficiency.
Production Statistics A log file could be used to save operation information before exiting the program. Log files can also be used to facilitate quality tracking.
Factory Mode This mode is designed for factory volume production. To prevent operation errors from destroying chips and wrong data written to the chip, SuperPro will operate in the Auto function mode.The administrator can set a password to prevent unauthorized access to the system.
Auto Recognition of File Types We support almost all kinds of known file formats including file formats with automatic recognition functions: Binary, Intel (linear & segmented) Hex, Motorola S, Tektronix (linear & segmented), JEDEC, POF, etc.
Auto Increment of Serial Numbers Auto-generation of electronic serial numbers is available on Superpro 7500. This feature is implemented by setting Auto Increment in Operation Option. Auto Increment allows users to add unique serial number into the device. After each successful programming, the software automatically changes the value by the specified increment mode.
Intellectual Property Protection Password settings available in both PC and stand-alone mode.


CE Compliant RoHS Compliant ISO 9001 Certified ISO 4001

What’s in the box?

SuperPro 7500 comes with


  • Software CD
  • AC Adapter
  • USB Cable
  • SD Card
Optional Accessories



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